Prevent illness

There are 3 reasons for catching colds and flu.

1. Exposure to temperature changes; 
Sudden changes in body temperature can be caused by not dressing warmly enough especially around the neck and feet. This is common in winter but can occur in summer especially from air conditioning and fans. Your body is more vulnerable to chills when you are sweating after exercise or hot showers and baths.

2. Tired and stressed; 
Your immunity is weaker when you are not sleeping well or overworked. Stress is a common symptom of getting run down creating a vicious cycle that leads to acute virus and other illness.

3. Poor diet; 
Eating and drinking is the main source of our day to day energy, missing meals, eating the wrong foods such as high processed foods or excessive sugar reduces your nutrition and makes you susceptible to digestive problems but also to catching colds and viruses.

Prevention ;-)

Cover up and stay warm. Sleep well and relax to avoid stress. Eat the right diet and avoid missing meals.

Catching a cold or virus is often a sign that your immunity is working well but if it lasts more than a couple of days it can mean that the virus is winning. This is when your immunity needs help with treatment that prevents you from becoming sicker and weaker. Virus can be the start of chronic illness and immune deficiency such as chronic fatigue and all its complications. Many diseases begin with untreated virus.

Chinese medicine has documented the treatment of all kinds of pathogens for thousands of years. Your professional Chinese medicine practitioner will accurately diagnose and treat acute virus quickly to restore your immune function and prevent long term illness.


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